5 Part Time Jobs That You Will Actually Enjoy in Wilmington

5 Part Time Jobs That You Will Actually Enjoy in Wilmington

Here are 5 part time jobs that you will actually enjoy in.

Beach sweeper

You can’t get a much better side kick than taking in the ocean views while working! In Wilmington, North Carolina beach sweepers are of the surplus! Really, you can get hired to just drive around and keep the beaches clean!

Paddle board instructor

Since Wilmington is surrounded by water, you can put your water talents to use and make money while doing it! Whether you’re looking to give surfing lessons, stand up paddle board classes, or take a team on a kayaking adventure; when in Wilmington, you can turn your favorite hobbies into a part time hustle!

Hotel front desk

Wilmington is home to more than just UNCW students, it is also a summer vacation home for families around the country! Grab a part-time job working the front desk at a near-by hotel! Not only will this give you the flexibility to work anytime within a 24 hour day but it will also give you the stability to ensure that income remains consistent.


Don’t let that lifeguard certification sit around collecting dust! In Wilmington, you can put your certification to good use and get a great tan while you’re at it! Whether you’re looking to work at a pool or near the ocean, lifeguards are always in demand.

Uber driver

Driving with Uber in metropolitan cities has been serving as a main source of income for people all over the United States! The plus side is that you can choose when you want to work. You can drive when you have time and you will never be without a place to go! The downside however is that you just never know where you will end up! This part time position requires flexibility and a go with the flow personality. However, if you’re looking for something to do when you have time and a way to make money during the in-between hours then Uber driving in Wilmington might be for you!